Close protection

Close protection operations are often of a sensitive nature, and due to the close working relationship required, HR Security’s approach when selecting Close Protection operatives is unique within the security industry. We only employ individuals who have been highly recommended or who have served within UK Special Forces or Royal Military Police Close Protection unit. With this selection process, our Close Protection operatives are all licensed with the security industries governing body the (SIA), and are vetted and CRB checked to offer the highest level of service.

The key to our continued success is not only the highly motivated operatives we deploy, but also the philosophy that our management team adopts with our clients. During the consultancy phase of any Close Protection task, we take the time to fully understand the client’s needs, to enable us to provide the correct level of service that suits their lifestyle and their needs. All our Close Protection operatives act discreetly according to the cultural, political and religious environments in which they are required to work.

HR Security has extensive experience in supplying security services & close protection to diplomats, high net-worth individuals, corporate clients and the media/entertainment industry in both hostile and corporate environments.

We are able to provide male or female Close Protection operatives in the UK, Europe and virtually any country in the world. Utilising our immediate response team, HR Security has the ability to deploy a single operator or Close Protection Teams to any part of the world within 48 hours (visas and flights permitting).

By selecting HR Security Ltd to provide you with Close Protection services you are ensuring the highest level of service and security in the global market.

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